Didn’t get to attend tekom? Here are some higlights

In particular, the specific applications of 3DPDF tools and work processes were at the forefront of interest among visitors at our booth. We received many questions on topics such as:

  • 3D What steps are required to create 3D PDFs and then embed them in presentations?
  • Do other programs from Adobe like FrameMaker and InDesign support use of 3DPDF?
  • Can the tool be used on Mac, too?
  • How to create animated instructions? Which of the Tetra4D tools are needed for this?
  • How can 3D PDFs be used in the field service communications and instructions?
  • In the context of the increasing use of mobile devices, the questions of how to use 3D PDFs on tablets and smartphones was also a hot topic.
  • Many attendees were interested to learn how to create 3D parts catalogs by using the 3D PDF Tools from Tetra4D.
  • To learn more about some of the topics and questions above watch this great Adobe TV video, a detailed interview with our Partner SQUIDDS about 3DPDF technology (video is in German).

In summary, what we saw was a very strong interest in Tetra4D 3D PDF tools, but the focus from the crowed centered on wanting to understand how 3DPDF can be used across critical workflows to improve communication and processes.

Tekom 2013 Event