September 13, 2016 – Bend, OR USA – Tech Soft 3D, leading provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering industry, today announced the Beyond 3D podcast channel, where guests will explore all things 3D related.

The monthly podcast is intended to provide meaningful and relevant conversation around technology trends, challenges companies face, business issues, and the development opportunities around technology that is used in hundreds of engineering applications for the manufacturing and AEC industries. It will also address the important role that 3D data plays throughout the product development process and the importance of using that 3D data to inform critical decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle. Listeners will hear from industry analysts, business owners, software developers and industry influencers with real stories that they can relate to and learn from, and help to understand which trends and technologies apply to their business.

“We’ve been around this business for decades, working with hundreds of different software developers to build applications that have shaped the way things are designed and built. The more we talk with our customers and partners, the more we realized that the conversations we were having were not just interesting and helpful to us, but could also be extremely beneficial to a broader audience,” said Dave Opsahl, vice president of corporate development at Tech Soft 3D, and a regular guest on the Beyond 3D podcast. “Technology is evolving so rapidly these days, and we realize that if our customers have questions, then chances are many others have the same questions. And if we can do a small service by providing some insights that may help folks to make better decisions, then this podcast has served its purpose.”

Below is the current line-up of industry influencers to be interviewed, with many more to follow:

• TJ McCue, Forbes and
• Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights
• David Ewing, Aras
• Chris Jones, Actify
• Igor Tsinman and Boris Shoov, AMC Bridge

Listen to the Beyond 3D podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes. Podcast transcripts can be viewed on the Tech Soft 3D blog.

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