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I am on an older version of Tetra4D Converter, how do I upgrade my license?

In order to run the most current version of our Tetra4D Converter software (2017) you must have an active maintenance contract. To check the status of your maintenance contract please access “contract items” listed in your customer portal. If  you purchased through a reseller and have questions regarding your contract or need to upgrade, contact your reseller for assistance. Resellers can be found here. If you purchased directly through Tetra4D, please contact sales@tetra4d.com. You will then receive a confirmation email with information on activating your upgraded license.

Do Tetra4D products support _________ format?
A list of supported import and export formats for Tetra4D Converter can be found near the bottom of the product page. Tetra4D Enrich includes the latest Tetra4D Converter technology and supports the same CAD file formats.
Will we receive an email when our maintenance and support contract is about to expire?
Customers will receive an email notification with renewal pricing prior to the contract(s) expiring. Please contact sales if you have any questions.
I switched computers. How do I get a new license?
If you have switched computers and are running Tetra4D Converter or Tetra4D Enrich version 2016, please refer to the installation guide that can be found on the documentation page.

If you have switched computers and are running Tetra4D Converter version 5.1 or older and are current on your maintenance contract, please access your customer portal to obtain your serial numbers and download links. If you are not current on your maintenance contract, you will need to submit a request to our support team to receive new serial number (s). To contact our support team, simply access the customer portal or the support page and select “Submit A Request.” Please provide your sales order # or registration token, and the 8-digit computer ID found in the activation window.

How do I locate my computer ID and the version of the software I have installed?
If Tetra4D software is installed, launch Adobe Acrobat, go to the menu bar and locate your Tetra4D product and select the “About____.” The window displayed will show the version and the 8-digit computer ID (If running Tetra4D Converter version 5.0.6 or older). We will need this information to assist with license transfers and new license key requests.
I just renewed. How do I get my license?
Our current Tetra4D Converter version is 2016. This version now supports Acrobat Pro DC and requires a new serial number to activate the software. If you need assistance installing the latest version, please refer to the installation guide that can be found on the documentation page.

If you are using Tetra4D Converter version 5.0.6 or older, the installed software will run in trial mode for 28 days without a license activation key, which will give you time to request your serial number (s). To receive an updated license activation key, create a support case by logging into your customer portal, or submit a support request at the support page.

Help, my license is back to trial mode!
If you are in trial mode running Tetra4D Converter or or Tetra4D Enrich 2016 and have purchased the software, please follow the instruction from the installation guide that can be found on the documentation page. If you are still unable to activate the software, please submit a support request from the support page.

If you are running Teta4D Converter 5.06 or older and your license is now back in trial mode, something caused your computer ID to change and disabled your license. Our support team will need to generate a new serial number to register the software again. Please submit a support request through the customer portal, or select “Submit A Request” from the support page.

I'm having trouble signing into the Tetra4D customer portal. What do I do?
Please create a support case from the Support Page and select “Submit A Request.” One of our support technicians will look into the issue and reset your login credentials.
What is 3D Reviewer?
Tetra 4D Reviewer (previously called 3D Reviewer) is the original technology that Tetra4D Converter was built upon. This software is included when you trial or purchase Tetra4D Converter and does not require new license codes. Links to download this software can be found in your customer portal.
What is the difference between Tetra4D Converter and 3D PDF Converter?
Nothing! In August 2015, 3D PDF Converter was renamed Tetra4D Converter. The core functionality and features remain the same, only the product name was updated. Anything relating to Converter prior to August 2015 will reference it as 3D PDF Converter.

How much does Tetra4D software cost?

Click here to access Tetra4D pricing.

My credit card was declined in the e-store. What should I do?
Please check with your bank first. If your bank hasn’t declined the charge, contact us at sales@tetra4d.com.
How do I change or cancel my order?
Tetra4D delivers all Tetra4D software products electronically and are therefore non-refundable.
Do you offer network (floating or concurrent use) licensing?
Tetra4D does not provide network/server licensing. Our Tetra4D products for Acrobat are plug-ins to Acrobat XI Pro and Acrobat Pro DC, and Adobe® Acrobat® does not offer network licensing.
Is there an educational discount?
We offer a 50% educational grant discount to qualified educational institutions for software and maintenance. Volume discounts also apply. Please contact sales@tetra4d.com for more information.
Where can I find training materials?
We pride ourselves on providing a variety of support materials, from videos to user guides. Please refer to our Resources tab to find the list of available resources.
Do you have a mobile PDF viewer for iOS? For Android?
There is a free 3D PDF viewer for iPhone® and Android® available in the App store. We are currently developing improvements and enhanced features for the current viewers. Check back with us soon!
I have an active maintenance contract – where are my license keys?
Teta4D offers maintenance and support contracts for all Tetra4D products, including Acrobat Pro. If you have an active maintenance contract, you should have received serial numbers and instructions on how to activate the software. If you did not receive this email, please login to your customer portal and access the license key tab to see list of your serial numbers. If you do not see your serial numbers, please submit a support request.
How do I find my Tetra4D Converter/Enrich serial number?
Open Adobe Acrobat, in the tabs at the top, left click on the product and go to About Tetra4D Converter/Enrich. The serial number will be in the About window.