Visual Response and 3D Template Publishing Features will Democratize Model Based Definition

Seattle, WA, USA – May 6, 2013 – tetra4D®, Adobe’s exclusive 3D technology partner for Adobe® Acrobat®, today announced the release of 3D PDF ConverterVersion 3.6.   Organizations that are strategically focused on moving to Model Based Definition (MBD) can now benefit from the new Visual Response Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) feature in 3D PDF Converter 3.6. This feature will empower users with the ability to describe annotations including complex surfaces that would normally be required at the 2D detailed drawing phase. tetra4D is the first 3D PDF provider to offer this powerful capability out of the box for the volume market, unlike other high cost offerings which often require expensive consulting implementations. tetra4D is making it easier than ever for customers to bypass the 2D drawing phase, accelerate time to market and improve cost efficiency