The Product Representation Compact file format (PRC), is now part of the group of International Standards Organization (ISO) 3D data standards. As one of two supported graphics formats within PDF/E (engineering), PRC enables users to communicate rich product information to anyone, anywhere in the value chain across industries and workflows.

Licensees of 3D PDF Converter leverage this powerful format each time they create a 3D PDF. As Tech Soft 3D’s product brand for 3D PDF publishing, Tetra4D technology is maintained by the same team that originally developed PRC and released the patents for the recent standardization into the public domain. Our underlying PRC technology is identical to that supplied to Adobe, ensuring 3D PDF Converter products maintain fidelity to the standard and 100% compatibility with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

We’re proud to keep you ahead of the pack, as we continue to add more value to your 3D PDF capabilities using this powerful format. To learn more about PRC, visit