Tetra4D Reader

The FREE Tetra4D Reader mobile app lets you access and interact with intelligent 3D PDFs, anywhere. Download Free Android App

Tetra4D Reader free mobile app extends the benefits of 3D PDF by making it possible to view and interact with intelligent 3D PDFs directly on your Android tablet or smartphone.

Tetra4D Reader mobile app supports the interactive features of 3D PDFs created with Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Automate, including 3D model and metadata interactions, carousel of views, interactive BOM and actions. Access multiple pages and multiple 3D annotations documents along with standard 3D features like sectioning, projection mode and access to views.

With Tetra4D Reader mobile app for Android your Design Review, design change notification, spare part catalog or product presentation can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from the shop floor to the customer’s door.

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Interactive 3D PDF Samples Included

Several 3D PDF samples created by Tetra4D products are provided within the mobile app, allowing you to experience the interactive features of Tetra4D Converter,  Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Automate products.

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Like What You See?

3D PDF documents created by solutions other than Tetra4D are partially supported. 3D models are activated and displayed in full screen mode, and any javascript is not activated. Start a trial of Tetra4D Enrich to experience the full features of Tetra4D Reader.