“Trade in” your copy of Tetra4D Converter and get a major discount on Tetra4D Enrich!

Every license of Tetra4D Enrich includes the functionality of Tetra4D Converter. Customers who already own Tetra4D Converter can receive a discount on their Tetra4D Enrich purchase by “trading in” their existing Tetra4D Converter license. Those with current Tetra4D Converter Maintenance will receive an additional discount. Customers who purchased Tetra4D Converter Bundles containing Adobe Acrobat Pro may also participate in the trade-in.

Tetra4D Enrich pricing with Tetra4D Converter “trade in”:

$1,248 – Tetra4D Converter customers with current maintenance contract

$1,348 – Tetra4D Converter customers

$1,748 – Full Tetra4D Enrich price (no “trade-in”)

*All prices include a year of Enrich Maintenance valued at $349

To start processing your discount, please fill out the form below, being sure to include your Tetra4D Converter serial number.

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NOTE: Need help finding your licensed Tetra 4D Converter serial number? Click here for the steps to follow.